Introduction of ONthe UMEDA, a co-working space | ONthe UMEDA

Thank you for visiting our page!!

We provide you with a comfortable, satisfying place to work.
So-called “coworking space”.

ONthe UMEDA is a coworking space in Osaka.
We hope you spend your precious time here and experience a lot of interesting things.

Concept Of “ONthe UMEDA”

” Real Network Space”

You can drop in this place without any tasks, just to meet new people, link with someone, and expand your community.
You can keep yourself growing toward a brand-new world.

“People can learn together, consult together, and think about their future together” 
ONthe UMEDA is the place not only just for working, but also for the birth of many different types of collaboration and business. We hope modern people communicate in this place, meet new people, and learn new things. Also, they’ll move to do new actions.

How Is “ONthe UMEDA”??

People use this place in many situations.
Many types of workers come here, and challenge different projects.
They share this place “ONthe UMEDA”.

You can concentrate on your work with wood desks and private booths.

On the contrary, you can relax with a comfortable atmosphere, such as couches and green and white basic space.

When you feel stressed from your work, you can relax in this space and reset your mind.
By taking a proper break, the efficiency of your work will be improved!

Useful Contents

You can use our Free-Wi-Fi, so you can do your work smoothly.

Also, you can use the following items. If you would like to use these things, please let us know.

You do not have to pay extra money to use these contents!!

Our Appeal Points

①Beverage menu

At ONthe UMEDA, you can enjoy a lot of types of free beverages.

You have a lot of options to select. 
Followed are the options.

① Soft drink
soda, cold water, coke, ginger ale pop, lemon soda, lemonade, green grape juice, iced tea, oolong tea

② Tea & Coffee
hot cocoa, iced cocoa, caffe mocha, hot green tea latte, iced green tea latte, milk foam, iced milk foam, caffe latte, espresso, caffe Americano

③ Powdered tea
orange herbal tea (no caffein), almond tea (no caffein), English tea, and Japanese green tea.

Especially, we focus on coffee.
Our coffee does not contain sugar, so if you mind about it, do not worry!
Of course, you can put sugar into coffee if you would like to.
We provide you with good quality coffee.

②Japanese culture

You can see an artistic ceiling. Also, you can appreciate Japanese culture with shoji.


There are lots of events at ONthe UMEDA.
You can enjoy communication without any boundary!
Through the event, you can find new thoughts, knowledge, and inspiration.


You can exchange your books for others’.  

Our gallery often changes the exhibition, so you can enjoy many different types of art.


This is the table of charges when you sign up for drop in.

First 30 minutes→420yen
After 30 minutes →140 yen/10 minutes

We also provide you with private rooms to meet your demands.
Please click here to check each room’s picture.

This is the charge of each room, so please refer to this graph.

RoomCapacityVisitor’s priceMember’s
(Member Only)
Booth 1・21 pax1,560 yen/hour60 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 1pt・Wi-Fi
・LAN cable
Studio4 pax3,000 yen/hour

3,000 yen/hour
180 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge

+option 250 yen / 10 minutes
10 minutes = 1pt

+option 10 minutes = 1 point
・LAN cable
・screen for scene
・sound insulator wall
WORK ROOM 12 pax2,040 yen/hour100 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 1pt・Wi-Fi
WORK ROOM 24 pax3,000 yen/hour180 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge110 minutes = 1pt・Wi-Fi
・white board wall
WORK ROOM 36 pax4,200 yen/hour280 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 2pt・Wi-Fi
・white board wall
WORK ROOM 48 pax5,400 yen/hour380 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 2pt・Wi-Fi
・white board wall
WORK ROOM 54 pax3,000 yen/hour180 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 1pt・Wi-Fi
WORK ROOM 2+310 pax7200 yen/hour460 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 3pt・Wi-Fi
・white board wall
WORK ROOM 4+512 pax8,400 yen/hour560 yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 3pt・Wi-Fi
・white board wall
Seminar Room20 pax9,000 yen/hour980yen/10minutes 680yen / 10 minutes+facility charge10 minutes = 3pt・Wi-Fi
・LAN cable
・multifactual device
・water server
・tea set

If you would like to use these rooms in advance, please reserve a room from here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
※Reception hours 8:30-21:00

Also, if you would like to know about our membership programs, please click here!


You can come here without any trouble like rain, wind, and sunset, because you can come here through walking basement from each Umeda station.
You can come here directly from Whitty Umeda which is an underground shopping arcade.
In front of ONthe UMEDA, there are Hankyu and Hanshin department stores.

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Information for nearby spots

Some people think it’s difficult to find a restaurant for vegan in Japan, so we would like to solve such trouble.
We would like to recommend some restaurants for vegans.


This restaurant serves you a lot of healthful food.
This restaurant allows you to take out foods.
But please remind you that this restaurant’s regular holidays are Monday, Sunday, and National Holidays.
From ONthe UMEDA, you can arrive here in about 6 minutes.

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation-Umeda Stores

This restaurant is in Hanshin Department store Umeda.
This restaurant has no regular holiday, so you can go whenever you want to.
From ONthe UMEDA, you can arrive at this restaurant in 5 minutes.

Thank you for viewing our pages!
If you have anything unclear, please contact us.


※Reception hours 8:30-21:00