ONthe is the most active co-working space in Osaka.

ONthe UMEDA, a co-working space where I did internship.
Bellowed is what I felt during the internship.


1. ONthe UMEDA is equipped with very good environment
2. ONthe UMEDA is a place where people gather from diverse industries 
3. ONthe UMEDA’s concept is well established 
4. Each person in ONthe UMEDA can be the main character

1, ONthe UMEDA is equipped with very good environment

Firstly, ONthe UMEDA is very convenient to access because it’s very close to different transport station. You can get there in 2 minutes by walking from Umeda subway station. If it rains, you can go directly from underway. 

Secondly, ONthe UMEDA provides free and useful equipment such as free Wi-fi, free drink, charger, stationery and so on.

Thirdly, ONthe UMEDA will suit your needs in different ways because there are many spaces including conference rooms, workrooms, talk boxes, nap room, loft space, sofa area, solo work booths and so on. Thus, you can fucus on your study at solo work booth, having online conference in talk boxes, and even relax in loft area and nap room! I saw a man stretching his arms because he was tired of studying. These spaces are very popular among members.

2, ONthe UMEDA is a place where people gather from diverse industries 

 While some people using ONthe UMEDA as one of the centers of activity, some people do their jobs here. I often see people doing tutor, wedding planning, career consulting and mental care. Actually, I accepted career consulting from one of the members. He listened to my concern sincerely and gave me some helpful advice. After that, I felt much better, and I have opened up a new eye for my future.

  This is a place where you can drop in when you want to know about different industries.

I was once here, sharing my school’s information with other people who came from different industries.

3, ONthe UMEDA’s concept is well established 

At first, I thought that ONthe UMEDA is just a place to work on. But I realized that it is also a very good place to communicate with different people. 

I looked it up and found that there are some great concepts here.

“co-create, meet, discover, charge, switch”.

I think the concepts of ONthe UMEDA are very great, because owing to these concepts, not only the members but also the staffs seemed to have fun with each other.

ONthe UMEDA has a large number of members form diverse industries. For example, freelance, self- employed business, people who is trying for new challenge are gathering here. People there are so active that I got so much energy from them.

After talking to a self-employed person here, I realized that there are many different lifestyles in the world. 

ONthe UMEDA is keeping improving the environment so that members can communicate better. I recommend ONthe UMEDA to those people who…

・Want to make workgroup among members
・Want to co- hold an event
・Want to meet a kind of people
・Want to have new knowledge and value
・Want to find new hobby
・Want to do relaxation and refresh

“Real Network Space”, that is what ONthe UMEDA aims to be. If you come to ONthe UMEDA, your own potentiality may be expanded. Such people above are gathering gradually.

4, Each person in ONthe UMEDA can be the main character

ONthe UMEDA holds events mostly every week here. Who organizes these events are not the staffs, but the members of ONthe UMEDA. ONthe UMEDA will help you do what you want to try. 
Previously, an event about palmistry was held. It is not just a fortune telling but offer expert opinions. The palm teacher read the bright future of each participant. 

Mrs. Kayama, who studied palmistry for 40 years as a hobby. When she turned 70, she wanted to change people’s minds with palm. While she was warried about where and how to do it, she encountered ONthe UMEDA. She was impressed by ONthe UMEDA when visiting by chance. After that she has held events about palmistry every month with the help of staff. 
 Every other event is so exciting and fun events will continue to be held.

Here is the latest event information.

URL: https://onthe.osaka/event

 Finally, through this internship, I met many people. I am so grateful to ONthe UMEDA for giving me such precious time and experience. Thanks to everyone in ONthe UMEDA.

Thank you for reading.